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You have a dog culture? How acute is their sense of smell? If a talking dog gifted me a bottle of fragrance, will it smell awesome or induce vomiting? Dog people live in The Ugliness Men books I’m making. Three big questions come up when I write dogs. How much do they buy into a pack mentality over individual freedom? How much self worth is tied to societal factors over self actualization? What lengths will a dog go just to gain/maintain their place in the eyes of authority figures? It’s a dog’s life, as it turns out.

Nope, no dog people. More like “fox”, but..not?

I didn’t really want a wolf-based species, because I find most to be overdone and boring. So I turned to foxes. These weird little guys are one of the smallest awakened species (prone to being stepped on), and one of the oddest. They’re loners from the start, so building up large towns or settlements is difficult for them. Most live up in the highlands in partial-solitude. (and these are really really ugly sketches. I haven’t given too much thought on how they’d look yet. Just picture little fennec foxes for now)

Worldbuilding Wednesday

I need to dispel my bad mood. Let’s do some worldbuilding! Send me asks about my budding world. Some I may even add doodles to~ Check out my worldbuilding tag to learn more.

A reply from a contract job I applied for “Hey, we really like your resume! Instead of having a normal interview, we want you to work for us for 7 days, UNPAID, to see how we like working with you.”

umm, no

velvetnostril: HII! i know you've answered this a million times but im starting school in fall and have to buy a tablet for digital illustration and i reeeeally need some insight on pros and cons of wacom tablets, or any other brands, I really like the ones that you can take out into the world with you to draw but those are so expensive, and i guess i'd just like your thoughts on tablets and perhaps advice! Thank you and I love your art and your persona, your great!!

Hi there!

I’ve only used Wacoms, and have owned 3 (graphire, intuos 3 & pro) and briefly used a cintiq. Personally I love them, and despite being expensive, I think are definitely worth it (so long as you take care of it!!). I’ve heard of other up-n-coming brands (monoprice I think?), but have heard mix reviews about software/computer compatibility.

I’m not sure which you are referring to when you mentioned “take out into the world”? If you  mean like a smart-tablet (ipad/samsung etc.), I know you can technically draw on them, but I doubt if the pressure sensitivity will be up to par with a drawing tablet like wacom.

I hope that helps a bit! As I’ve only used wacom, I’m not the best for advice unfortunately. I’m sure a google search will have much better results in terms of comparison (it’s a very very common topic)

decoyjayman: i'm so happy i found your blog! i used to draw dragons all the time when i was younger and i've been wanting to get back into it but i haven't been able to find the inspiration until now. speaking of which, is there any more to your "designing a dragon" tutorials? i found the first two parts about head shape and eye placement but i couldn't find any others.

Thank you! <3

I haven’t yet made the other parts of the tutorial. Once I finish up commission work I’ll get back at it ;)

WIP commission. Request was an ice drake. Still going to pick at this one a bit more before coloring. There’s something I’m still not satisfied with.

With the shutdown of CGhub, I’ve been following where other people have been flocking to. DrawCrowd seems to keep popping up in converstation, so I thought I’d give it a try.

The UI is pretty slick, though very very limited in features so far. Heavily features artwork and minimalistic. No artwork titles, no tags/categories, and so far you can only search for new artists via the front page (which appears to be curated) or if you know their name. I’ve been told this is suppose to be sort of like the facebook for artists, but idk.  Definitely a lot of high-quality art there already, so I’ll stick around to see how it goes. The lack of development blog or even forums is so weird though. 

Let me know if anyone also joins!

beginning concept for a character design and eventual tattoo. I’ve been tasked with designing the cutest, non-threatening pink dragon <3 

I should also mention I’m PencilCat on Flight Rising, so feel free to use me as a referral + add me as a friend :D

Rough WIP sketches of Dreamwind’s fan-made Temeraire dragon species. (I’m going to have so much fun coloring these! :D )

So I’m about 95% done with Lumberjanes #2! (Just waiting on last notes for edits). I gotta say, as much as I love #1, issue #2 is amazzzing. There are several pages I love and hella proud of. Plus the entire issue is hilarious.

Anywho, with issue 2 just about done, expect more daily art posts (finally!)




Holy crap, that character customization. What, what, what.


i need this right now i don’t care if there’s no playable game i just want the character creator give me the character creator

I love love love character creators and omg I need thisssss

Coloring leaves me lots of time to think and ponder over worldbuilding things.

 I’ve been on the fence a lot about adding magically elements, but then decided to hell with it and go crazy. Now that I’ve set up a semi-basic foundation for my world, time to shake it all up again.


Meet the strange anomaly known as Shifters. Much like the name implies, Shifters are those with genetic mutations to allow their bodies to change shape. They can’t shift to whatever they want however, but only ‘slide’ between two forms. Most shifting ranges from minor, like growing extra long horns/claws/bodyparts, changing color, to changing their anatomy to walk on two or four feet. Shifting between entire species is very rare, but is possible (There is rumored to be a dragon bloodline who can shift to completely human!). What they are able to shift to is completely determined by genetics, and nothing can alter what a shifter can/cannot change to.

The Shifter gene is known to be highly unpredictable. While it is known to be passed on through parents, the mutation can skip several generations before reappering again at random. 

Shifters in society are seen both as a gift and a curse, depending on who you talk to. This is due to the conflicting origins of Shifters. Positively, Shifters are thought to be descendents of an extinct race of pure Shifters, those who can shapeshift into any form at will. Though no pure Shifter has been found alive (nor any hard evidence of their existance), many believe the pure Shifters mingled with the other races before eventually dying off. In many populations (the Felines primarily), being able to shift is a great blessing and a highly sought-after trait. Currently 1/4 of the Feline population are Shifters.

On the negative side, Shifters are also called God Eaters. Currently there are three Named deity-figures who walk the world, but there is some record of an (Un)Named fourth who died (of natural causes or murder, it is unknown). The Named are Shifters themselves, but to a highly limited degree. They are not made of natural blood and flesh, and to change their bodies requires changing their internal balance. It is said that many desired The Named’s power, and when the walking deity died, they consumed its flesh, acquiring the body-altering powers. Many believe current-day Shifters to be descendents of those who ate the 4th deity, and have tainted blood because of it. The Shield-Beasts in particular have a great hated for Shifters, as they highly worship The Named.

(This bizarre new twist was primarily created from me struggling with developing a quadruped society, and simultaneously wanting to have them biped. So I figured why not have both)