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This post is me acknowelging that some people go onto tumblr to escape the real world and to soothe themselves after stressful experiences, so if they block or ignore social justice and news stories so that their decompression isn’t interrupted with yet more stress, it is not only no one’s business but it makes perfect sense.

Never judge people for not reblogging something.

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One thing I’d love to do someday (when I don’t have a million things needed to be done) is to create an art doll, like these ones here. I think they’re super cool and I’d love to make one for my own!

Now if I only knew how to sew….

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  • literally every artist:please tell me what you liked about my art in the tags please please P L E A S E
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Side Blogs

I’ve got several side blogs I use for various reasons. Mostly because reblogging to a blog to find later is easier than shifting through 300+pages of likes.

Art Only - My art and nothing else. I queue these posts for daytime, because I often post work late at night on my main blog.

Origin of Inspiration- Other people’s art and inspirational things.

OpinionCat - Reblogs that range from funny stuff, politics, and social issues. Usually mostly funny stuff though.

CatFood - Delicious foods and recipes I find. Warning: This blog will make you hungry.

Resources for Worldbuilding - Interesting posts that I like about worldbuilding and whatnot.

Dragons and a Cat - my Flight Rising blog.

most update sporadically, but I queue everything so there will never be post floods.

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Bless Xkit

I don’t think I could tolerate this site without it.

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mirateski replied to your post: oh hey, I got accepted into a Game of …

Wait, is this fictograph’s project? Congratulations!

Yup, that’s the one! Pretty excited to be a part of it (and finally an excuse to draw GoT fanart hehe).   I’ll reblog details once it’s available, but I think it will be a while. I don’t think the kickstarter is planned till spring.

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oh hey, I got accepted into a Game of Thrones fan book!

I wonder what I should draw….

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Hey guys, I’m wondering what

-you’d like to see me focus on in my art

-what you like so far

-what you’d like to see improve

-anything that irks you about my art.

-stuff you want to see me draw.

Feel free to go anon, I won’t be publishing or responding these but I’ll appreciate the input. Thank you!

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