I think my attempts at fixing my posture made my back worse, because now just sitting in any position leaves my back screaming.

*lies down forever*

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corvell replied to your post: Snarly worm for inktober. Practicing i…

This looks different from what I usually see you do but I REALLY like it!!

If you’re referring to snarly monsters, then that’s actually what I normally draw a lot haha. I’ve just been making an effort to expand ^^;;

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Anyone know of any great stretches + workouts for shoulder and back pain?

Recently I’ve been working a lot more at my computer, and my shoulders + back are starting to feel the effects. I walk + run nightly, but have yet to find any other exercises I feel help. Anything you’ve found works great?

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  • shazzbaaI had heard some really unfortunate stuff about Boxtrolls having a transmisogynistic villain / a bunch of "haha this man is dressed like a lady, isn't that weird/funny/gross" humour in it, with at least one trans person really upset at the portrayal. D: Since you've seen and enjoyed the movie, did you feel that kind of humour was present at all -- and would you still recommend the movie to folks bothered by that kind of thing? Or has that been misrepresented? :O
  • I knew this was going to come up. Here’s my impression, spoiler-free (mostly).

    The answer, yes and no. Yes there is a guy who dresses as woman. It’s partially centered around the plot, with a “look this woman’s actually a man” scene. It’s part of the plot, and the character has his reasons for doing it. The character design is not exactly a flattering portrayal (You wouldn’t guess it was a man, but she isn’t attractive either) though it also fits in with all the other character designs (outside of the two main characters, none of the other characters are exactly attractive). During the “big reveal” there was one vague semi-comical comment about the situation (which was vague), but beyond that, there was no “haha let’s laugh at him” or anything. They quickly moved on. I didn’t think the rest of the characters cared that this person had dressed up a woman (nor did they look down at him for it), but were trying to focus more on the fact that this person was in disguise, trying to purposefully deceive everyone.

    There was also a tiny bit of sexual harassment/ass grabbing jokes, but those were also in Paranorman, so it’s not unique to this film alone.

    Verdict: See it for yourself or a trusted friend before listening to Tumblr hysteria. It was very mildly uncomfortable, but this movie also showed kids and trolls about to be cold-blooded murdered soooooo

    [addition] I personally don’t think Laika is a studio that should be punished for this. They put so much hard work and love into what they make, plus they’re known for being progressive and breaking stereotypes. This may be one little thing that they can learn from in the future, but full-out boycott may guarantee that we’ll never see another Laika film.

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The BoxTrolls was amazing. I just want to sit and stare at the gorgeous sets and art design (adds the art book to wishlist). It didn’t quite have the same strong story as Paranorman (my absolute favorite) but it definitely lived up to Laika quality and was super entertaining. I highly recommend seeing it! Please support Laika so they can continue making such amazing movies!

Also Winnie is me.

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The Clone Wars is really evil btw because it makes me start liking the clones!

Stop giving them names and cute personalities and showing them as BFFs with the Jedi. That’s just twisting the knife after you’ve stabbed me in the heart.

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Lumberjanes #7 is complete! (which is why I’ve been MIA) I hope you’re caught up (and get #6 today!) because #7 is insane! Definitely not an issue to miss.

Regular art and shenanigans to resume

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Deadlines + having a cold + general no-good-very-bad-week =


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